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YB3 seris flameproof Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

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scope of application

The flame-proof motor has small volume, light weight, nice appearance, safe and reliable operation, long service life, good performance, high efficiency, energy saving effect is remarkable, to install the use for maintenance, its installation size with YB2 completely, is  alternative of YB2 products,  used in coal, petroleum, chemical industry widely.

Main Technical parameter

type:YB3 63——355                
rated frequency:50Hz——60Hz
Rated voltage:380V、660V、1140V、380/660V、660/1140V。
Power range:0.18——315kw
main Installation Method:IMB3、 IMB35、IMB5、IMV1、IMB14、IMB34。
class of insulation:F  S1。

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